A Complete Eight Week Faith Reboot for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs and Professionals: See, Hear and Touch Your Faith with your Intuition as your Guide and Mentor.  Read through the four Gospels for yourself.  See how the story of God in the world has shaped you so that you can decide how you want to shape the world.


Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur or professional who feels disconnected from other Christians?


Do you find yourself questioning whether you even WANT to believe in Jesus in today's world of Christianity?


Do you want to learn how to use your intuition as a tool in your faith but struggle because you've been told it is 'bad' or 'evil'?


Do you draw a blank when wondering how you can draw closer to God?

What if you don’t have to experience inner conflict every day any more, but can be filled with complete peace? 


What if you’ve been wanting to know the Source of life on a deeper level because you recognize it will transform you completely?

Let’s face it – many of us don’t feel that God likes us.

Sometimes we picture God as an ugly frowning old man with a white beard and flowing robe and Birkenstocks sitting on a throne in a constipated and grumbly disposition.

But what if we are wrong?

What if by pushing God away we are are missing out on being fully embraced? 

What if God is really the Earth that’s all around us?

What if God is fully present in the smile of our best friend and our most loyal companion who greets us every morning?

What if God speaks to us more loudly in the rising sun and the beauty of all the colors in the sky than in the most zealous preacher on Sunday morning television power hours?

Would waiting any longer to get started add anything to your life? 

What You Get


A different way to see, hear and touch the world around you through the eyes of love


An eight-week overview of the four Gospels, without the overwhelm or guilt


Weekly group coaching with "all you can ask questions" welcome and encouraged


A facebook community for course-only participants to carry on the discussion and cultivate community


Weekly deep dives into the ancient practice of Christian meditation and other awesome bonuses along the way


Touch the Scriptures

To what extent is the Bible divine and to what extent is it human?  Did you know that this has been a discussion for centuries among scholars? The miracle of the Bible is that even though humans wrote every word, the Spirit of God STILL flows through it – even among the contradictions, the parts we do not know what to do with, and especially the passages we do not like.  Come and see why this is the #1 world best seller gathering dust on everybody’s bookshelf.

Experience Authentic Community

You are not alone.  There are a great deal of people who value love over fear and want to learn faith from this perspective.  In fact, this is much more in line with the 2,000 year view of Christianity than any fundamentalism or conservatism.   We will practice the art of community through listening and embodying the presence of Christ for one another. You are a one of many people throughout the world who value love.  This is what it means to be the “Body of Christ” at its core.


Practice the Art of Christian Meditation

This is not talked about often, but it should be.  We were made for love, not hate.  As human beings it is obvious that we still have much learning to do.  Practice vulnerability to humility and transformation by embodying real presence. Learn helpful techniques and practices to choose awareness in every single moment. Your light is the most powerful energy you offer to the world.  Learn to let it shine by being fully present to life in each and every moment.

Supernaturally Awesome Bonuses

Reclaim Your Thoughts Masterclass

Learn the five basic steps to rewiring your brain and how to apply them for massive, life changing results. Walk step-by-step through a proven system guaranteed to have you thinking, feeling and acting differently.  Take back your confidence and believe the truth about who you really are. 

Just Say it! Masterclass

Learn to walk away feeling empowered instead of tongue-tied and then horrified when you are in conversations with the ‘strong-willed’ or ‘opinionated’ people in your life.  Perfect three simple techniques that will have YOU making a dent in difficult conversations.  

Spiritual Tech Masterclass

Websites and apps to save you time and bolster your confidence. Look up any verse and passage in the Bible in under 30 seconds.

Weekly I AM Affirmations from scripture

These come in the form of beautiful mobile and desktop screensavers so that you have these reminders with you every moment of the day. Remember who you are.

VIP Upgrade Option

Choose the VIP Upgrade and receive three one-on-one coaching calls to bust through the issues in your faith that have been holding you back your entire life. Taste the freedom.

FAST ACTION BONUS: Spiritual Soul Fitting (Enroll by Sept. 30)

This is a proven process as personalized as a bra-fitting to get you the Spiritual gear that will really make a difference in your connection with God.  Discover your dream Bible – the one that you naturally want to pick up because you can understand the language in it, it has helpful notes, and you like the way it looks. Learn your signature prayer style and receive recommendations on a life-giving way to connect with God in prayer that is right for you.  Finally, receive a devotional and prayer journal tailored for the eight weeks of the course.

Take back your faith.

Meet God again for the first time. Learn to pray in a way that speaks to you. Navigate the scriptures with confidence. Be a part of a loving community that celebrates you for who you are.


A personal tour through the four Gospels, featuring main themes and people you need to know


Weekly deep dives into Christian meditation


Weekly group coaching to answer your questions and cultivate community


A dedicated Facebook group for everything else under the sun

My Favorite Questions About Faith

Doesn't the Bible just call me a miserable sinner?

In Jesus’ prayer book, the Psalms, there is only one place where God states that he wants contrition and repentance in the heart as a prerequisite for coming to him. More important is the habit of making one’s way to God in the heart. In his conversations with those he heals, Jesus often said, “Your sins are forgiven.” Nowhere was there judgement or condemnation in those words, simply love. We must consider how we, as human beings, continually strive to judge one another and measure out God’s grace as if it were a limited supply. The point of Jesus’ entire presence among us was to show us how God’s love is so boundless that it is, in fact, eternal.

Do I have to give up my ability to think critically in order to believe?

Jesus reminds us in Matthew 22:37, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” This means that God asks us to be fully present and ask questions just as Jesus was in the habit of doing.  We see this in Luke 2:43-52 when his parents thought Jesus was with the traveling party as they started back towards Nazareth from a festival at the Jerusalem Temple.  After frantically looking for a week, they found him in the temple, as happy as a lark, asking and answering questions at the age of 12 and astounding all with his knowledge.  

The point that Jesus and other Biblical writers make is not to disengage, but to put ourselves in a position of humility so that we can be transformed.  A renewed mind is essential to the discernment of God’s will and the transformation of life.  As Paul writes in Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds so that you may discern what is the will of God – what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

What does the Bible say about money?

The Bible says a great deal of things about money.  Most of the things we think it says about money are simply not there. We have decided that God blesses us when we “obey” and punishes us when we “disobey”. This is from the book of Deuteronomy and is only part of the truth. What God desires the most is not any type of blind obedience as we often think of it, but engaged and life-giving relationship

We often get in our own way. God sees how wanting things oftentimes gets in the way of humans experiencing life in the fullest way possible. God desires to take care of us no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in and no matter if we consider ourselves near or far from God. Consider the phrase of the Lord’s Prayer, “Give us today our daily bread.” (Luke 11:3). After all, we are God’s children and God loves us. God desires nothing more than to bless us richly.  Jesus said, “I came that they might have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). 

While there is a great deal of wisdom on what does and does not constitute a rich life and a full relationship with God, there are a lot of nuances and subtleties of meaning.  There are no simplistic messages here, just lots of wisdom and a God who is always desiring that we – and all others in the world – have the best that life has to offer.  If God can hold that in tension, so can we.  

Isn't it just about Heaven and Hell?

God is very interested in our experience now. Our encounter with God was never meant to be reduced to or culminate in a type of “supernatural transaction.” Our relationship with God is meant to be a process within us over a matter of time that is so life giving that no one can imagine or speak of an ending. It just gets better and better as it deepens. There may be one time we look back and see the multiple conversions we have had, but there will never be ‘just one’.  Every day is a conversion of sorts.  Paul speaks in Romans of the continual dying and rising with Christ in our baptism that marks us with the cross of Christ. 

In John 14:2, Jesus says, “In my father’s house there are many dwelling places… … I go to prepare a place for you and I will come again and take you to myself so that where I am there you may be also.” We read this primarily as a reference to our future place in Heaven. However, the word “dwell” is used by Jesus as a metaphor for relationship with God. Jesus assures in this verse that there is room for God’s relationship with everyone. It’s not about a physical place as much as it is room for everyone in God’s heart.

The eternal reality of relationship with God is certainly a reality of faith, but it was never meant to be the primary definition for what salvation truly means.

P.S. – About Hell… although there are many opinions, there is actually little solid Biblical reference to the cultural understanding that has since developed and is believed by most Christians today. Most of what we imagine is due to Dante’s Inferno.

Why is the Bible used as a weapon?

We all know people and groups of people who have taken the Bible’s sayings, stories, and the entirety of its message and twisted it for their own gain for power, prestige and status.  When the U.S. president held the Bible upside-down in front of an Episcopal Cathedral in the summer of 2020 after using tear gas to clear out peaceful protesters, it did not further the advance of God’s kingdom, but acted to further divide an already hurting and polarized nation in desperate need of understanding and reconciliation.

Leaders of government, and religious and civic authorities have long recognized the depth that our religious and spiritual views hold and the extent to which human beings will go to defend our views or to risk everything to act from a place of conviction.  Controlling what people think about faith and the Bible makes it much easier to wield the power and influence leaders need to govern both civil and authoritarian society. 

This is the antithesis of what God wants.  Read the Gospel of Luke to see this in the clearest light.  This Gospel is the primer for “Liberation Theology” which holds that God’s bias is for those in the world who are without wealth or power and has led to incredible advances in peace and justice, especially within Latin America.  True power, according to the Bible, is in emptying oneself out for the sake of those whom God loves – not hoarding resources, prestige or status for the sake of one’s own gain.  (Phil 2:5-11; The ENTIRE Bible)


What about my intuition?

There is often a misconception that one can be intuitive and spiritual OR a person of faith.  Wherever did we get this idea?  This is simply a matter of semantics – it’s all about the language we use to label things.  In Christianity, one calls a ‘hit’ from intuition a ‘tap’ or ‘nudge’ from the Holy Spirit.  Your intuition is God speaking to you in every single way that God knows how.  You can no more be apart from God in your intuition than human beings can be without water, food or air.  It is the way we spiritually sense God in the most basic of levels.  Without it, we are completely lost.  Our intuition is God’s greatest spiritual gift – our spiritual “compass” that always points us back to God so that we find our way home wherever we may be.

learn to see god's presence in all that is.

At its heart, Christianity is not about what to believe.   Rather than “what” to see, it offers an alternative way of “how” to see. Imagine seeing everything through the lens of love, compassion, and life so abundantly that it is boundless and free.  This is true Christianity. 

Read through the four Gospels for yourself.  See it all from a perspective that finally makes sense to your mind and your heart in a structured eight-week program with the space to ask the questions that you’ve always wanted to ask.  It’s never too late to take a new look at God – God’s deepest desire for you is to discover what it means to drink deeply of love, grace and truth.  It’s time to begin anew.  It’s time to experience faith alchemy.


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