“Compassionate and Life-Changing”

For over ten years as an ordained pastor (ELCA), Kristina Lee Jensen has helped dozens of people rebuild their relationship and faith in God so they are able to experience God’s love, peace and freedom – sometimes for the first time in their lives. She leads with compassion, hope and has a gift for bringing healing and rediscovery to individuals who desire a renewed relationship with God. She has personally experienced the heartbreak, numbness and confusion that results after experiencing deep hurt within the church and knows the guilt, shame, and judgement that is often left with people after these encounters. Kristina is called and committed to being a source of hope and healing for people of faith and those who seek to experience Christianity in a new way.

Kristina is the author of numerous articles. She has been a featured speaker in colleges and universities, seminaries and churches of numerous denominations in the United States and abroad. She is in demand as a Spirit Centered teacher and coach whose clients have experienced massive transformation in mindset about themselves and how they experience God in the world.

Kristina lives in Chicora, PA with her husband, Jonathan, and two children, Samuel (7) and Sophia (5). She enjoys cooking with her kids, singing, watching movies with the family, and taking walks with their dog Max.